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3001 SP Cab Forward AC-12, #4294, Painted Black, Phoenix Sound, G

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MSRP: $4,995.00
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Item Number: BLI-3001
Product Line: Steam, G

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  • Full G Scale brass locomotive and tender with high and accurate detail

  • Premium caliber painting

  • Out-of-the-box operation for DC

  • Pittman DC gearhead motor

  • Powerful High Fidelity Sound equipped with authentic SP Cab-Forward sounds

  • Full under-body detail on locomotive and tender

  • Steel Rods and valve gear

  • Steel Box

  • Steel Drive Wheels

  • Window glazing

  • Sprung Drivers

  • Full cab/interior detail

  • Prototypical light operation

  • All fabricated components will be produced from the finest Milled Brass

  • Primary Materials: Brass

  • Secondary Materials: Steel

  • Scale: 1:29

  • Gauge: 45mm

  • Wheel Arrangement: 4-8-8-2

  • Locomotive Length: 37.3"

  • Locomotive Width: 5.1"

  • Tender Length: 20.9"

  • Tender Width: 4.9"

  • Locomotive Weight: 30.8 lbs

  • Locomotive + Tender Weight: 42 lbs

  • Minimum Radius: 8 feet (96")

From the very beginning of WWII, the Southern Pacific Railroad faced perhaps the most formidable challenge of any stateside railroad. With the port of San Diego being the jumping off point for the war effort in the Pacific, Southern Pacific required motive power that could handle super long freight drags as well as passenger trains. These locomotives had to traverse the rugged terrains from the Gulf of Mexico to Utah and Northern California.

Numerous tunnels, many miles of snow sheds and steep grades made the AC-12 the intelligent choice. This simple compound articulated locomotive averaged speeds of 15 miles per hour over the many cuts and passes. With this in mind, Southern Pacific acquired permission from the War Production Board to purchase a group of 20 locomotives from Baldwin.

Baldwin delivered the initial group of AC-12's, beginning with # 4275, to El Paso, Texas in the fall of 1943. The balance was received in March of 1944. Interestingly, the 4294 was the last new steam locomotive ever to be purchased by Southern Pacific.

Baldwin utilized the same newer semi-streamlined cab shape that was practically identical to some of the earlier cab forward classes. Many consider these to be the most attractive of all the AC series. The AC-12's were equipped with both the conventional steam whistle as well as a single note "fog" horn.

**Specifications on this page subject to change.