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Paragon3 Brass-Hybrid Series

  Our Brass-Hybrid Series models represent the finest HO scale models available today.  Broadway Limited Imports works with the historical societies of various railroads to create the most accurate HO models of these prototypes.  The models have an incredible level of detail and beautiful decoration.  However, these stunning models are not only for collectors.  Our models are  constructed almost entirely of solid brass, but have some innovative features that make them reliable for operating layouts.  Each Brass-Hybrid Series model comes ready-to-run in both DC and DCC out of the box.  They are fully painted, and come complete with installed window glazing and couplers - features not commonly found on brass models.   Additionally, the models have plastic brake shoes to eliminate electrical shorts - a regular issue with operating 100% brass models.  Each model is equipped with authentic sounds to simulate the prototype, and newer Brass-Hybrid Series models include Broadway Limited's own Sound & Control system.  This system provides the best slow-speed operation in the industry, loud authentic sounds, and some "impress your friends" features such as puffing smoke and realistic crew chatter.  Below you can see descriptions of our Brass-Hybrid Series models and some that are coming soon.