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Choo Choo Shoes TM

As seen on CNET's "All the coolest, craziest stuff we found at New York Toy Fair 2017!"


Choo Choo Shoes were born out of the endless days Bob spent watching his two little boys running around in their light-up sneakers.

"Wouldn't it be cool if their shoes could do more than flash lights?" he thought. And so it began...the wheels of Bob's mind turned for 6 years − until one day it hit him as he sat in the office of the model train company he'd founded....

If shoes made sounds in addition to lighting up, that would be really fun. But shoes that lit up and made sounds would be even more exciting if they could make another, different sound with a special maneuver, like a jump!

It took quite a while to figure out how to do it, but after many months of brainstorming and 55 or so prototypes later, Choo Choo Shoes were ready! They CHUG, whistle & light up too!


Download the item list and order form in Excel format:

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It's a great day at #toyfairny! Come see @Choochooshoes at booth 6470! #choochooshoes

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It's the @choochooshoes booth at #toyfairny! Check out our patented kids' shoes that make train sounds at 6470.

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