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Paragon3 N Scale GE AC6000 Technical Support Bulletin





Paragon3 N Scale GE AC6000 September 2017 Release ONLY (stk #'s 3424-3433)


There is a known bug associated with the projects listed above. Projects not listed above are not known to exhibit these issues:


Bug: DC Operation Failure


Some but not all N scale Paragon3 GE AC6000 units delivered in September 2017 may not function in DC due to faulty voltage regulators on the control board. The faulty components have been identified and replacement control boards are being produced.


SOLUTIONS - (Download the complete technical support bulletin below for details)


  1. DCC Users: At this time DCC users should continue to use their models as normal. This issue affects only DC operation.

  2. DC Users: DC users should not attempt to operate their models without first checking to see if their units are affected as damage to the control board will occur. It is possible to see if your model is affected by visually inspecting the control board.

  3. If you would like BLI to evaluate your model for you, we will do so.