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Paragon3 Technical Update Bulletin



Applies to:


Paragon3 PRR I1sa, HO (2015 release)

Paragon3 PRR L-1s, HO (2015 release)

Paragon3 PRR M1a/b, HO (2015 release)

Paragon3 N&W Y6b, HO (2015 release)


There are two known bugs associated with the projects listed above. Projects not listed above are not known to exhibit these issues:


Bug 1


When programming on the main line, some CV changes are not stored in memory, and will revert back to their factory setting when the track power is interrupted. 


SOLUTIONS: There are 2 solutions to work around this issue:

  1. Program on the program track. This problem does not occur on the program track or with any systems like JMRI that use the program track.

  2. Program on the main line a second time, preferably with the locomotive stopped.  When a CV changes, you will hear an uncoupling sound to indicate the new value entered was different from the stored value.  You should always hear this sound the first time a CV is changed.  When you attempt to set the value the second time, you should not hear the sound if the first attempt was successful.  If you still hear the sound, try to set it again until the sound is not heard.

Bug 2


This only occurs when using some versions of Digitrax DCC systems. This does not affect DC users, or anyone using NCE, MRC, Digitrax Zephyr or any other systems.  The issue is that when running more than one locomotive at the same time, you may lose the ability to control the locomotive.  It may stop or change directions or otherwise become unresponsive to DCC commands.



If you experience these problems please call our service department at 386-673-8900 (available between 1-4pm EST, M-F). We can either send you a replacement circuit board, or you can return the locomotive to Broadway Limited for repair free of charge.