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Paragon3 with Rolling ThunderTM is our flagship line of locomotives featuring our most advanced sound and drive technology ever. Wireless synchronization of full frequency bass sounds that cannot be generated from standard model-mounted speakers makes a new realm of realism a reality.

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HO Diesels  |  HO Steam


Premium sound equipped locomotives with puffing smoke (on most equipped steamers), superb detail and ultra-smooth slow speed characteristics. The cream of the crop in HO trains.

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HO Diesels  |  HO Steam  |  N Diesels

Our Brass-Hybrid, or Hybrid for short, locomotives are one of the best values in HO trains. Made of mostly brass, these locomotives have detail levels found only on brass locomotives with running characteristics only found on plastic models. It's the best of both worlds at an out of this world low price.

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HO Steam

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