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March 22, 2021




“Our customers spoke, and we listened. I am very excited to introduce Paragon4 with Rolling ThunderTM, which incorporates all new, cutting-edge features modelers have been requesting most. After evaluating all of the available electronics on the market, we’re confident that Paragon4 with Rolling ThunderTM exceeds the performance, features and usability of any other.”

-Bob Grubba
Broadway Limited Imports



Paragon4 with Rolling ThunderTM builds on the industry leading features of its predecessor, Paragon3, by adding the following highly requested features:




For HO, we built our GoPack! power continuity capacitors into the decoder. They are enough to provide several seconds of run time to get past dead spots in the track, but unlike external keep alive type products, we can control the capacitors with software. For example, someone using block control can set CV12 to 1 to make the model stop after 1 second, or disable it entirely by setting CV12 to 0. The capacitors are also disabled automatically on the program track so they don’t interfere with reading back CVs. This makes Paragon4 fully compatible with most systems on the market, including Digitrax, NCE, MRC, and Decoder Pro.


For N, we could not fit the big capacitors needed to get several seconds of run time, but we did find some huge surface mount capacitors that increase the run time 3 fold over Paragon 3. Customers will notice our N scale models will now run on track that previously would have caused starting and stopping. We also implemented new design and testing procedures to dramatically improve electrical pickup in HO and N, so our Paragon4 models just run better and more reliably.


We’ve implemented a number of operating modes that make it easy for modelers to set up the locomotive for common types of use. Switcher mode is entered by setting CV128 to 3. This adjusts CV’s 3, 4 and 6 to reduce momentum and improve throttle response for more precise low speed control. To turn off, set CV128=4.



Our models have semi-automatic lighting by default. The cab light comes on when you stop, the headlight goes off and the rear light goes on when you switch to reverse, etc. For most customers, that works great, but some of our more advanced customers want to control and adjust each light independently. For that we created a mode we call Pro Mode that mostly affects lighting. Setting CV128 to 1 turns on Pro Mode. With Pro Mode activated, a user can turn on and off headlight, rear light, front classification lights, rear classification lights, number boards, cab lights, front rule 17 dimming, read rule 17 dimming, etc. independently using function buttons. Nothing happens automatically. Setting CV128 to 2 turns off Pro Mode. Setting CV128 just triggers a list of CV’s to be set all at once. Turning Switcher Mode on and off does not affect Pro Mode. They can be used together or separately. You can only read back the last setting of CV128.



We also took the time to fix every bug and problem we were aware of with our decoders. For example, we put in a more robust motor driver circuit and improved our motor control software to smooth out some mid-speed jerkiness and reduce the chance of a burned out drive circuit. We solved some programming track read issues that affected Decoder Pro users and we made it impossible to change address-related CV’s while the train is moving to eliminate problems some customers were encountering on club layouts, etc.


Paragon4 FAQs

Q: Is Paragon4 backwards compatible with Paragon3?

A: Yes, Paragon4 locomotives can be run on the same layout with Paragon3 locomotives, out-of-the-box.


Q: Can my Paragon3 locomotives be upgraded to Paragon4?

A: There is no known hardware limitation that would technically prevent an upgrade from being possible. However, there is currently no plan for upgrade kits to be manufactured. If there is significant demand for upgrade kits, BLI may produce them.


Q: Is Paragon4 still dual mode for DC and DCC?

A: Yes, Paragon4 has all of the capabilities and features of Paragon3, but implements the above noted improvements.